Advocates for the Pioneer Park and Rio Grande neighborhood
The Pioneer Park Coalition acts as a full-time advocate for the Pioneer Park neighborhood, businesses and property owners. This voice is mission based and focused on shared short, medium and long term objectives for the neighborhood that enhance its economic and social prosperity.

Specific strategies that help accomplish mutual goals

  • Advocating for property and business owners viewpoints at State, County and Salt Lake City public forums.
  • Bringing disparate groups together to develop collaborative solutions to Pioneer Park’s challenges.
  • Participating and/or organizing long range planning efforts to shape Pioneer Park’s growth and long term prosperity.
  • Asking for specific policy or infrastructure changes.
  • Hosting monthly meetings with public and private stakeholders to understand needs and tailor strategies.
  • Be a community voice for the Pioneer Park neighborhood as Operation Rio Grande continues, ensuring momentum is not lost and the best interests of our area of Salt Lake City are represented.

2017 Advocate Guiding Priorities:

  • Advocate for increased statewide affordable housing and improved incentives for residential developments meeting pre-determined unit minimums.
  • Advocate for data-driven statewide solutions for Utah’s homeless in partnership with Salt Lake County and Salt Lake City. This includes supporting the scattered site model, improved case management and additional housing support.
  • Advocate for $30 million in previously allocated Medicaid expansion funds to be used for mental health and substance abuse treatment programs including Operation Diversion.
  • Press the Utah Legislature and Salt Lake County to allocate emergency funding for additional jail beds.
  • Seek a bed-for-bed reduction of The Road Home shelter on Rio Grande with any other homeless shelters that are built.
  • Advocate for the Catholic Community Services food service to be included in each of the resource shelters in conjunction with the closing of St. Vincent de Paul Dining Hall location.
  • Support and provide feedback to leaders and legislators to continue the momentum of Operation Rio Grande.